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The pound is shorty called lb and kilogram are shortly formed as kg. The both measurements kg and lb are popular measuring units and these are used for measuring material things. Alternatively, the pound is also called lbs and alternative spelling for kg are kilogramme. But the spelling kilogramme uses less and most of the places you will get kg as a kilogram. Kilogram and pound are used for measuring same thing’s weight. 1 kilogram (kg) is equal to 2.20462262185 pound (lb) or 1 pound (lb) is similar to .453592 kilogram (kg). You need to remind these equations or formulas for later uses. Pound are used less in Asia but it is most popular in the USA, UK, and Canada. Pound are now popular internationally but kilogram (kg) is common is Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and many other countries.

Since 1958, the pound is running by the permission of Commonwealth of Nations. It has got permitted by the USA and many other countries. It has got permitted by the act 1963 in the United Kingdom. Later many other countries also accepted this measuring unit. It is not popular few countries yet and all of those countries are in Asia. In Bangladesh, India, Pakistan etc. gram and kilogram (kg) are very popular. That is why, it is necessary to convert from lb to kg. We know now 1 lb to.453592 kg. You should also remind that 1000 gram equals to 1 kg. If you talk about a pound in those places for measuring weight, then you need to convert lb to kg to make them understand. In many scales, you will get both units lb and kg. So, you can easily convert one unit to another weight. If you go the gym for measuring your weight, then you may get such scale. Usually, such scales are available in Asia.

It is important to know the formula lb to kg. If you do not study and do remember the formula, then you have to depend on the different types of tools and applications. You need to use such devices or application always but you may face any situation. So, it is necessary to remind the formula and it is highly important for the students. Students may need to convert lb to kg in the exam hall and he may not get the option or permitted to use any tool. However, we will discuss those applications and tools later paragraph in this article. All mathematician need to know the equation. Because it is necessary to apply the method in the exam hall or they may need to convert any amount of lb to kg. That is why, they should prepare always. You may need to convert 60 lb to kg and you can convert this by the formula. We know that 1 lb is 0.453592 kg and you need to multiply 60 with 0.453592 and answer will be 27.21.552 kg. It is very easy way to convert lb to kg and students should practice this formula and math before going to the exam hall.

There are many ways to convert one unit to another unit or lb to kg. As you know the basic method of conversion. I mean formula and you are clear about the method. So, you should know all medias. You can use the internet for the conversion. Online you will get various types of the converter from different to different sites. So, you can use any of the websites. You can also use my favorite websites for the conversion and the website is On the search box of the google, you just type the lb to kg or if you want to convert any amount like 55 lb to kg, then you can do this. Why not you try to convert any amount from lb to kg?

There is another way what you can easily and you do not need to use the internet. Now many users have a smartphone of different platforms like iOS and Android. From those apps stores, you can download any converter apps. There are free and paid applications available and download that application what suited best for you. You can carry the application in your device and put the lb and select kg, press to convert button. You will get the result of kg shortly. It is just a matter few simple steps to convert from lb to kg. You can use also paid and free applications for conversion.  There are various applications for the same work, you need to order. Why not you try this method for conversion lb to kg?

Pound and kilogram are used for measuring the materialistic things and you can measure the same thing with the pound and kilogram. When you go to the gym for increasing body weight, then you need to tell your aiming weight in kg or lb to the trainer. The trainer will measure your current body weight and you can know your body weight in kg and lb if you measure with such scale or you need to use any such type of converter. The trainer will give you some advice and suggest you to intake and leave some types of food and take a certain amount (lb) of water every day. You can use converter from lb to kg if you do not understand tlb measurement. You should follow all of those steps. When you take food like meat or rice, then you should measure these things on the scale before cooking as if you do not gain weight. For gaining weight, you should hard and you need to lift weight etc.

You can follow chart lb to kg if you need to know measurement quick. You can download such chart from the online store. This is not so important thing but you should follow the tip if you want to memorize the formula. This formula is kg = lb divided by 2.2 or you can also apply kg multiply by 0.453. There is another formula what may help you fast and you may like. Suppose, 32 lb = kg? You need to divide 32 by 2 and it will be 16. Now take 10% of 16 and it is 1.6. Subtract 1.6 from 16 and the result will be 14.4 kg. You should remind all of that formula or methods.

In a hospital when a new baby born, then it is necessary to count the weight. Usually, in the hospital, you can get a baby’s weight by both measurements but in lb is more common. If the baby is underweight, then it needs more take care and special treatment. In Asia, people consider the high weight is a good sign and they use kg for measuring instead of a lb.

I think this article is enough for all of the readers to understand pound and kilogram. If the read is a student or professional, this article is enough to guide them from lb to kg conversion. You must not get any article which increase your knowledge about lb and kg.